What Is an Ontario Master Business License

If you close your registered business, you must cancel all associated commercial licenses. It would be best to notify the Canada Revenue Agency of the cancellation to avoid triggering an audit of your business after the abrupt closure. A master business licence, also known as a business name registration, is a Service Ontario registration document that allows business owners to legally operate their business under the specified name. Any trademarks you see from public advertising can only legally do so in Ontario if you register for this license. Register a new MBL or renew an existing MBL: You can register or renew the primary business license as a sole proprietorship, partnership, or business name. After completing the registration, you will receive a one-page document called „Declaration of Registration”. The document indicates the name of the company, the address of the company, the name of the owner of the company, the address and the commercial activity. Registration includes a Business Identification Number, which is a 9-digit number specifically for your registration with the Province of Ontario. The bottom corner of the registry shows the expiration date (see example). This date gives you the 5-year expiration date of your registration. It is important to note this date because when it comes, you will be prompted and are responsible for either renewing the registration or letting it expire. A business entity or not-for-profit corporation may engage a corporation – called an intermediary – to do business on its behalf. While the process of obtaining a master business license isn`t complicated, not every business needs an operation.

If you want to use your name as your business name, you don`t need to register it. However, if you want to register a company under a different name or trademark, you will need to register a Master Business license. Not all companies in Washington State need to have master business licenses. All new businesses in the following situations that require a primary business licence: If you want to start a partnership or sole proprietorship in Ontario, you will need to purchase a main business licence to operate it. This form of registration is simple but essential to give companies the legal status they need to work. Before you apply for a Master of Business degree, there are several things you need to know to get it. Here are five: Another advantage of registering under a trade name is there. The trade name provides the flexibility to manage secondary trade names under the company`s main brand. The number of trade names under your company is unlimited. The cost of a maser business license varies depending on the type of registration. If you submit an online registration, you will have to pay $60 CAD. Applying by mail or in person costs $80 CAD.

It is advisable to do a name search before filing a business registration. To perform a name search, you must pay between $8 CAD and $26 CAD. The cost largely depends on the details you include in the search. A name search will tell you if another business owner has already registered the name or trademark you want to use in your business. If you are starting a business or not-for-profit organization, registering a business name, partnership or business outside the province, or making changes or dissolving an existing entity, you can use these guides to prepare the submission: Notice of Registration Requirements. In addition, existing businesses that are experiencing the following changes are required to obtain master business licenses: Obtaining a master business license is an easy and important step for many new businesses. By making sure you register your license from the beginning, you can be sure that you are running your business legally and that everything is overboard, giving you the peace of mind to focus on growing your business. Registering a business is a simple but essential step for new business owners in Ontario. Whether you`re starting a sole proprietorship or a partnership business structure, a master business license will ensure that it has the legal status it needs to operate. The other situation that exempts you from obtaining a main business license is when you decide to start your business instead of registering it as a sole proprietorship. In such a scenario, no primary commercial license is required. However, if you decide to integrate your business and want it to operate under a name other than its company name, e.B a business name, you will need to purchase a primary business license.

To better serve Ontario, we created the Ontario Business Registry, which provides easier, faster and more convenient access to organizations that are registered, registered or authorized to do business in Ontario. Anyone can search the Ontario Business Registry for free basic information about a business or not-for-profit organization. Once you have submitted your registration and obtained a Master Business license, you will receive the following: Registration of a Master Business license is open to adults 18 years of age and older in Ontario. Unlike incorporation, you can register for this license even if you are not a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada. Online registration is quick and easy, and you can do so through the Service Ontario portal or through third-party providers like Ownr. You can also complete your business registration online, by mail or in person at an Ontario point of service. Under the Trade Names Act, the main business licence allows for the registration of these types of businesses: sole proprietorship, partnership and trade name. The sole proprietorship business registration is only available to a single business owner.

Another option for new business owners is to integrate the company as a single administrator. For example, if your name is John Smith and you just want to do business under the name John Smith, you don`t need to register your business. However, if you plan to do business like John Smith Professional Organizing, you will need to register to obtain a Bachelor of Business degree. Once you`ve found the profile of a business unit you want to learn more about, you can order a search product (for example. B a detailed profile report) to obtain additional information about this company. There are a number of benefits of registering a Master Business license. The most obvious answer would be that as a new business owner, you would be able to legally operate under the name of a business in the province of Ontario. Ownership of a company (trade name): A company may also register a master business license to operate its entire business or a specific department under a trade name other than its legal name. .